The Visual Log

My life is complete: Final Fantasy VII Remake



So ever since Square-Enix, formally known as SquareSoft, announced that they will be remaking Final Fantasy VII, I was ready to quit everything, find a box with electricity and dedicate the rest of my life to playing this game because HANDS DOWN, FINAL FANTASY VII (7) was the BEST RPG (In my opinion) that ever came out till this day. The story was so in depth along with the complexity of the characters & individual uniqueness. Up until now, I’ve been following independent game modifiers who have made their own version of Final Fantasy VII remake by hacking the original PS1 version, which were pretty good tbh but now it’s official that there will be an up to date version with hardcore graphics. Unfortunately there are no official release dates, so fans will be left with blue balls until any announcements are made. Till then, enjoy this killer remix to the winning theme as well as one of my favorite summons that made me feel like a god every time I executed it.

Street Cosplay a.k.a Street Cos: Shadow Nash + Guile


noun: cosplay

1. the practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, book, or video game, especially one from the Japanese genres of manga and anime.
Current Theme: Shadow Nash + Guile
Sources: Street Fighter Alpha + Super Street Fighter II: Champion Edition
Gear: Hat by A.L.I.E.N. New York, Jackets: Vintage, Scarf: Vintage, Jeans H&M, Boots: Zara

Friends & family have asked why I have not been contributing, posting or having any discussions on the topic of “fashion/street fashion”. To be honest, any one who knows me knows I tend to get bored very easily and lately the “scene” has been quite boring, repetitive and in my opinion washed out…but hey, that’s just my opinion. So I gracefully bowed out and have been doing me while returning to my core source of inspiration… Japanese Anime + Video gaming. So as I stroll in the cut like many of my shadow characters, I themed my looks to be partially inspired by characters of my favorite graphic novels and/or video games. Technically it’s not Cosplay because I’m not dressed around in a karate gi or spiderman costume but I’ll implement various elements to the look and dubbed it Street Cos.