The Visual Log

Tekken 7 is kicking ass


Although Capcom has announced Gouki (Akuma) as the new downloadable character featured in Street Fighter 5, it still doesn’t compare to Bandai Namico’s version of Akuma in Tekken 7. I was REALLY looking forward to Street Fighter 5 and yes over time, it grew on me a little but now I’m more interested in Tekken than Street Fighter (Shock!). Yes, shocking…. I know…. but the graphic team on Tekken 7 is going hammer and they refuse to stop so I must get in on the action. I’ll have a review up sometime soon……. 😉 I’ll compare both (from an artist perspective) and give reasons why I gravitate towards T7 versus SF5. Till then, check out the video from ShadowZero-X-

A.L.I.E.N. NYC x BANGKOK – season finale


🍻 Cheers to the new years! As the year comes close to an end, so does our #thailand #Popup #bar. We’d like to give a massive shout out to @blaqlytestudo for letting us rock out and get busy. 🛫 Stay tuned for announcements for our next destination of #invasion. 🌐 #aliennyc #thainightlife #thailand #bangkok

Stay tuned for to V18 for more photos from the night life and behind the scenes. @aliennyc




No one Ever Really Dies


So N*E*R*D “In Search Of” turns 15 and boy does this album bring back memories. Such a nostalgic composition that helped influenced my scene generation.



The A.L.I.E.N. collective will forever have a special place in my heart. Much love to all The Galaxy Riders.


Flashback: Christian Scott Live


While listening to my Jazz stations, cruising on my way back from Trade Joe’s, I heard a some very cool vibes that immediately caught my rhythm. As I glanced at my radio dashboard, long and behold it was the talented Christian Scott doing his thing. A couple of years back I was invited to see him perform live with his sextet in Manhattan and had the opportunity to interview him backstage. It’s always inspiring to see talented artist make there way from the “struggle” or what I’d call the “training ground” and make their way successfully out. If you’re not familiar with Mr. Scott’s tunes, I heavily advise you to check some of his tunes out.