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Pops Club



Originally the concept was going to be a flip of Married With Children’s NO MA’AM club but since it’s father’s day, I figured why not dub it a Pops Club tribute. Who’s couch are we hanging out at tonight? #WhereTheCouchAt




Peoples: Interview with Cavalier


When it comes to tunes, I tend to be very selective because I gravitate towards unique rhythms that not only vibes with me physically but also on the ethereal plane. I give props to all musician but the ones that make it to my playlist have to have real substance and Cavalier is one of the rare few who I wave with. We’ve crossed paths sharing mutual friends but never really had the opportunity to build and communicate. I recently invited Cav to the cosmic plane of Studio One Eight for a quick interview and his interpretation of the current state of the Hip Hop culture.
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Sean Cameo In Street Fighter V Story Mode



Recently IGN sat down with Peter Rosas to speak about Street Fighter V’s story mode expansion. At first I wasn’t to interested but decided to check the link out anyway to see clips of what to potentially expect. Although I was somewhat satisfied that the story mode wasn’t just a lazy remodeling of the sprites, I still wasn’t feeling the graphics. I am glad that I did go ahead and click the link because they featured a 3D rendition cameo of Sean chilling out playing portable video game handheld.


We’ve seen previous snapshots & concept art that leaked the internet which show him in a much younger appearance as compared to Street Fighter 3rd strike. They’ve kept the theme of the original leak, with him sitting playing his handheld but they’ve edited his costume design along with a hairstyle update that shows him with extended dreadlocks. I’ll be honest, I would’ve like to see him in a more athletic built being that he is a martial artist and basketball player. Now this cameo still doesn’t confirm weather or not Capcom will be releasing Sean as a playable character but it was cool to see that they are making attempts to listen to the audiences requests. Below is my concept art of what Sean in Street Fighter 5. Maybe I should consider collaborating with Capcom…heh.


Lounging With Some Peoples



Got a few things lined up for the month of June. I’ll be posting some more illustrations, random gifs, updates, reviews but most importantly new interviews! Linked up with a few creative minds digitally via the internet to discuss various topics as a modern day artist in this era. Not going to say who just yet but I assure you, they are definitely talented and well known for their craft. So definitely stay tuned and expect new content starting this week.