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A.L.I.E.N. NYC x BANGKOK – season finale


🍻 Cheers to the new years! As the year comes close to an end, so does our #thailand #Popup #bar. We’d like to give a massive shout out to @blaqlytestudo for letting us rock out and get busy. 🛫 Stay tuned for announcements for our next destination of #invasion. 🌐 #aliennyc #thainightlife #thailand #bangkok

Stay tuned for to V18 for more photos from the night life and behind the scenes. @aliennyc




Flashback: Christian Scott Live


While listening to my Jazz stations, cruising on my way back from Trade Joe’s, I heard a some very cool vibes that immediately caught my rhythm. As I glanced at my radio dashboard, long and behold it was the talented Christian Scott doing his thing. A couple of years back I was invited to see him perform live with his sextet in Manhattan and had the opportunity to interview him backstage. It’s always inspiring to see talented artist make there way from the “struggle” or what I’d call the “training ground” and make their way successfully out. If you’re not familiar with Mr. Scott’s tunes, I heavily advise you to check some of his tunes out.

Peoples: Michael Vasquez



Florida based artist Michael Vasquez is an artist that needs no introduction. If you know what’s up, you know what’s up. His ability to express subculture reality through paint mediums is mind blowing and I recently had the opportunity to build with him about his creative endeavors. A truly inspirational painter who expresses that his art is much deeper than the strokes laid out on canvas. Peep the interview after the jump.

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Peoples: Interview with Cavalier


When it comes to tunes, I tend to be very selective because I gravitate towards unique rhythms that not only vibes with me physically but also on the ethereal plane. I give props to all musician but the ones that make it to my playlist have to have real substance and Cavalier is one of the rare few who I wave with. We’ve crossed paths sharing mutual friends but never really had the opportunity to build and communicate. I recently invited Cav to the cosmic plane of Studio One Eight for a quick interview and his interpretation of the current state of the Hip Hop culture.
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Lounging With Some Peoples



Got a few things lined up for the month of June. I’ll be posting some more illustrations, random gifs, updates, reviews but most importantly new interviews! Linked up with a few creative minds digitally via the internet to discuss various topics as a modern day artist in this era. Not going to say who just yet but I assure you, they are definitely talented and well known for their craft. So definitely stay tuned and expect new content starting this week.

Gotham Kafé Interviews: Ross Campbell



I recently caught up with cartoonist Ross Campbell to discuss some of his past present and future projects. I found Ross through my deviant art profile (which I should update more often) and was immediately impressed by his style.  Ross contributed to various comic books and also has his own graphic novels that he creates. What is unique is that a lot of his works are female inspired which at first glance can lead one to believe that the artist is a female as well. He explains some of his favorite artists, inspirations and some of the struggles of an independent artist. Check it out below.

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