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A.L.I.E.N. NYC x BANGKOK – season finale


🍻 Cheers to the new years! As the year comes close to an end, so does our #thailand #Popup #bar. We’d like to give a massive shout out to @blaqlytestudo for letting us rock out and get busy. 🛫 Stay tuned for announcements for our next destination of #invasion. 🌐 #aliennyc #thainightlife #thailand #bangkok

Stay tuned for to V18 for more photos from the night life and behind the scenes. @aliennyc




Where’s Our Luv?



With the recent tragic death of Alton Sterling, it brought me to another intimate point of self reflection where I analyze how a community is constantly being subjugated, taken advantage of, criticized then in the same breath, forced to accept it’s culture to be imitated & sold right back to them from those outside the community. This image says a lot to me, I am an independent artist who has humbly contributed to the underground and independent community and has continuously witnessed fellow creatives copied, replicated and given absolutely no credit for their contribution and/or originality. How many legends and potential legends have to die before they receive their recognition? Or is it much easier for them to die so that big brother can capitalize off their ingenuity? This image is a representation of the many deaths & unrecognized street hearts who still rock out for the love. I got much respect for you Kaws but if you really are inspired by the streets + graffiti culture, then you know this image is strictly out of love and homage for those who paved the way. #TheStreets #TheOriginalBootleg